torsdag 15 april 2010

Do, did, not done...

Today I was supposed to go into the shop that sells brides dresses, (Is that right ? ) that didn't happen. I took one look inside the door, a few looks on the dresses in the window, and figured that place is too expensive and not my style.

I was also supposed to buy 2 new electronics for the kitchen. I did make it down to the stores, only to realise that out of the 3 shops where I actually did find what I was looking for. Only one was in my price range. But looked like crap.

And third, I wanted to get our washer hocked up. But first we need to find a company nearby that doesn't charge too much to do it. But before we do that I need to find a person that has to say it's ok to plug it in. And she didn't answer her phone.

So what did I get done today ? Very good question. I bought a flower, and made a flower ornament out of metal wire. I did leave the "Ok" lady a message on her phone. And I spent some time with Veronica in the sun. Over all... it was a good day.

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