onsdag 28 april 2010

Green thumbs up.

Now this is what I wanted to post today. Come to think of it, this will be the first day with 2 (intentional) posts. Another very not interesting wohoptedoo.

This is a selection from my kitchen plants. I am very pleased with them, they're growing very fast and very nice. I will be interesting to see how they'll do outside when they're bigger. And if I'll get anything eatable. :P

First plant on the left is a bunch of sunflowers. I have 5 of these small black boxes planted with this. Might be a bit much.

The second one from the left is a flower called Tagetes. Google translator says they're called Marigolds in english. :P Cute small flowers anyways.

Third pot is one of 3 planted with tomatoes. These I really hope will grow well. And it's the first time I'm trying. They're small tomatoes, not the normal size.

And the last pot, first from the right. Is squash. Got 4 plants of these. I'm not sure where to plant them later. But it will be interesting anyway.

I'm planning on making some kinnda space outside to plant carrots and radishes too. But I don't dare plant that just yet. If I do it will most likely get killed by random snow or me forgetting about it. But I will try. :)

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