tisdag 17 augusti 2010


Drawing these last few days has gone really well.
I'm impressed by my self. :P If I may say so. Drawing can be a bitch sometimes. This is also a small tattoo-ish img I made yesterday.

Second img also made yesterday. Some kinnda "frame" thingie. Not 100% done yet. I can change what img to have in the middle, handy and fun. The img in the center atm is from a summer visit in Borlänge. The city my mom lives in.

I've made a drawing today too, but it's not finnished yet. And now I've got an idéa of a cat that I have to draw.

*tum te dum te dum*

1 kommentar:

  1. Love the heart thingy :) And the frame is genious! Your spinning ghost img is on my new blog now, take a look:

    I linked to your blogg underneath ;)