torsdag 30 september 2010


Getting a tiny bit ahead of my self maybe.

This is the headder I was talking about. It's still not done. Made by hand, half the collor by hand also, just the grey areas made in Photoshop because I got worried that I would ruin it if I kept colloring it. So I checked it our in PS. I'll finnish it later maybe, or another day when my hands are agreeing with me again.

Also it's full of tiny flaws. Most made when I tried to collor it in PS.

And I should really finnish the cleaning. Gotta mop the floors and clean the bathroom now. Then I just need to hang up the laundry and make dinner I think. The place look a LOT better than it did yesterday tho. I gotta remind my self never to let it build up like this again. *sigh*

And kick my ass if I still let it happen.

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