lördag 24 april 2010

Tattooooo... wohooooo.

Today we went to the swedish tattoo convention ( if that's the right word for it ) in Norrköping. Third year going I think. I love it. It feels very nice to walk in a crowd and not be the one with most visible piercings. Lots of pretty ppl, tattoos, and other stuff.

I came home with a need for more ink on my skin, a very happy mood, and two new tops. They are very cute, and girly, and will be very nice to have in the summer.

Now I'm gonna go back to the tv and watch the Fantastic 4 with Dave. But first, a little img of what I did today. Yesterday it was scrappbooking. Today it's jewlery crafting. :P Or something like it. I love dream catchers, so a while ago I wanted to make my own.

I think it turned out pretty well. But I'm not sure if I'm gonna use it as a necklace, earring... or something else. I'll stick it on my wall for now. :)

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