onsdag 5 maj 2010

Ants, plants and sun.

Today I realized that most of my trial is over. Somewhere around 18:00 tomorrow my mom and sister will get here. Later in the evening or at night if you wish to call it that, Dave will come too.

I still had to do something constructive today, I almost failed miserably. That is until I took a look outside and saw all the weeds sticking out through in between the stones bricks. Not pretty.

So I watered my plants, took out my wind chime dream catcher, and got busy. It went very well with the sudden exposure of a small ant colony of yellowish / brownish ants.
I do not like ants. Creeps.

And I moved one of my siamese algae eaters to the small tank. And noted to my happy mind that he tought the male guppies in the tank to eat waffer tabbs. It looks like the 4:th cory will die soon tho.

Isn't it amazing how much space you can fill out with an eventless day? :P

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