måndag 18 oktober 2010

Easy day.

Yawn !

I'm tired, tired, tired. And I've been that more or less the whole day. But atm it's probably because I just cam home from watching the new Resident Evil movie with David. It was, ok. No really, it was far from perfect. Also the "clones" had far too little time in it I think. Would have been nice to see more of them. And me beeing me, I think this 3D thing is way over hyped. But that's just me.

Besides that it's been a quiet day. I've been freezing my ass of most of it. Playing WoW and having coffe in my new big purple tea cup. A friend stopped by just a short moment, and I managed to make dinner. Something new even. A curry soup with rice noodles and weggies. Me liked, and I think David did too. So that's something I'll try again some time soon. Very easy to make too.

Now I'm gonna play some more WoW, think about tomorow and my "homework" from my long distance therapist. And after that, let's say... oh about 30 min, I'm going to sleep.


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