tisdag 5 april 2011

Bit by bit.

I could do it all in one day.

But I know that's not a good idea. The combination "too much crap" and "habit of getting pain" is not good. I didn't get as much pain from yesterdays activities as I thought I would tho, but my hands are hurting a little and it was uncomfortable to try to fall asleep. Throwing away the yard clippings will probably have to wait until tomorrow so I'm working on the kitchen.

But right now, it's creativity and tea break. I've got 2 B-day cards, 2 drawings, and 2 small white boxes that wants to be finished. One of the drawings are for one of the cards, but the second card and the boxes I'm not sure what to do with. Oh and also there's the 3 ideas of new clay BoobLadies. Need materials and more planning before I can start that tho.

*Yawn* I'm tired... as always.

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