lördag 27 mars 2010

Mum da word.

This... is my mom. Pic taken about.... ehm. *thinking* Well I'm not sure. Let's say 26 to 29 years ago. Something like it. In that big round stomach is either me or my sister. But since it has no date, we're not sure who it is. :P

Anyhow, I found the pic while I was digging through my crap in search for pics to do scrapbooking with. Turns out that I have a s%&!#¤t load of them in my pc, but only a hand full on paper to actually do something with.

This means I'm gonna need to go and get some of the imgs down on paper. And yes, this is another one of my many atempts to get my mind to relax and stop worrying about everything. Another atempt I'm working on is knitting. It works, but it hurts my hands after a while.

Might put a pic up on that too later.

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