onsdag 21 april 2010

21 / 4 -10. An "effing" snowing day.

Bad Ina. I totally forgot to write yesterday, and I was about to do the same today.

Today was not very nice also. No sun, but we got random snow, hail, and rain. Wohoptedo. I wonder what my flowers will think of this. And I was suposed to throw away our old tv. That didn't happen.

The only good thing today was that I did the weekly water change for the fishes. I sure hope they're happy about it. They'd better be. Oh and let's not forget that Tekken 6 came in the mail today. :) Happix.

But really atm I just want to end this day. I'm tired, my eyes are tired, and I have to be up and dressed at 8 because the workers are coming to install the washer. And I have a feeling it's not going to go that easy.

Let's just screw this day over and start a new one now.

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